Ted Little Baja

(ted_little_baja) Mod
Map Key
  • Start/Finish Line
  • Sector Marking
  • DRS Detection Point
  • DRS Zone
  • Speed Trap

TED Little Baja - Long

California USA
  • Author: Teddie Tapawan
  • Length: 6036 m
  • Run:
  • Width: 17–19 m
  • Pitboxes: 20
  • Tags: circuit, teddie
  • URL: http://www.tapawan.com
  • Version: v0.98
  • Year: 2020
  • Geotags: 32° 36′ 42″ N, 116° 51′ 23″ W

Little Baja - Baja County Municipal Raceway

Fictional track designed and created by Teddie Tapawan.

Additional Credits and Thanks:
* AI for long layout by LiquidSkyMan
* Shared X-Packs by Tyrone and Gutbomb
* Grass textures by Mike08
* Balloons by Mascot
* SPECIAL thanks to my son Brandon for modeling many of the objects in this track for me in Blender

(Please do not copy or modify without author's permission.
Contact teddabod@smartapplerocks.com to report bugs or to
request track changes and/or features.)


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little_baja_long TED Little Baja - Long
little_baja_medium TED Little Baja - Medium
little_baja_short TED Little Baja - Short